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... the will and power of the majority, although he mentions that the power of the people must be exercised moderately. In effect, Locke effectively states his philosophy about how law and governance is formulated and established to provide security and order to the people.
Meanwhile, J.S. Mill’s argument for personal freedom differs greatly from the Utilitarian viewpoint, wherein personal freedom and wants are valued greatly without consideration or thought to the consequences of one’s action. For Mill, the ‘pursuit for pleasure’ does not have to be purely for that purpose, but an individual must seek pleasure in order to develop his character ...

... will become even better if he includes a thorough discussion of how the search for pleasure and morality can be concretely applied to an individual. In effect, Mill’s view on liberalism and utilitarianism (with morality) is a good example of a political and philosophical argument.
Lastly, Karl Marx’s criticism of capitalism must be modified because of its early assumption that in the society, inequality is always present and oppression is ever-occurring. This case is plausible, but to generally assume always that there is a dysfunction in the society clouds an observer’s judgment easily, leading to faulty assessment and conclusion. Also, Marx’ ...

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Get access to the full essay on "capitalism freedom" at essayportal.com
More essays on "capitalism freedom"

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