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... called modal dispersion, as discussed later. Dispersion limits cable distance. Graded-index cable can help resolve the problem, or a small core can be used as in the single-mode cable(Fiber optics https://www.linktionary.com/f/fiber-optic.html).

Fiber optics https://www.linktionary.com/f/fiber-optic.html

Different types of core cable is used for different purposes. Plastic core cable is used when there is a need for short distance applications. This includes applications such as wiring. The wiring may be used in certain types of buildings, or in airplane wiring(Fiber optics https://www.linktionary.com/f/fiber-optic.html). The diameter of the core is measured in microns. Multimode cable has a large diameter core. It can be 50 to 80 microns. Another thing that determines types and use of fiber optic cable is the level of change between the core and the cladding(Fiber optics https://www.linktionary.com/f/fiber-optic.html). In step-index multi mode cable there is an abrupt change between the core and the cladding which causes a more abrupt transmission of the digital signal. The more gradual change between the core and the cladding is used in the graded index multimode cable(Fiber optics https://www.linktionary ...

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This is a free paragraph of the essay!
Get access to the full essay on "1528 html" at essayportal.com
More essays on "1528 html"

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