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... of the same sex. Next is the Latency stage, characterized by a lack of change, and is a time of relative calm for the individual. The last stage of Freud's psychosexual development is the Genital Stage and, from puberty into adulthood, sexual desire and sexual relationships develop and mature.
Erikson took Freud's ideas and enhanced them, mainly by adding stages for the adult years, but also by emphasizing identity rather than sexuality. Erikson developed the eight psychosocial stages of development, the first of which occurs during infancy. This stage deals with trust versus mistrust, and is when the child perceives whether the world ...

... marked by integrity versus despair. This is when the individual may achieve a sense of acceptance of their own life, which in turn assists in the acceptance of death. Both Freudís and Eriksonís theories, despite attracting supporters and critics, remain highly influential within the discipline of psychology. The theories possess similarities, in regard to their chronology and their approach to human development as a sequence, or stages, of events. The most obvious and fundamental difference lies in their focus: Freud emphasizing the sexual basis of development, and Erikson focusing on the self and social orientation.


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Get access to the full essay on "similarities maslow freud" at essayportal.com
More essays on "similarities maslow freud"

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