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... A personís past strongly influences their present and also their future. My long-standing commitment to excellence in all aspects of my life has seen me through my tenure as a competitive gymnast in Romania, to my time teaching gymnastics, and on into my life as a student at GS University. All of these experiences have given me valuable skills and abilities that hope to use to ensure my future success as an entrepreneur.
As a competitive gymnast in Romania, I spent ten years committed completely to this highly demanding and difficult sport. Gymnastics has a strong tradition in Romania, and the competition is fierce and uncompromising. During those years, I was fortunate enough to compete nationally on many occasions.
My time as a gymnast taught me the value of discipline and hard work. Achieving something worthwhile is never easy, and challenges are only multiplied in a highly competitive environment like gymnastics. During my time as a gymnast, I developed an enduring commitment to excellence and a value for discipline that have proven valuable in almost every aspect of my life.
During my tenure at sport college in Romania, I had the opportunity to teach skills in gymnastics and other sports. This experience helped me to develop a passion ...

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