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... the Neanderthal oral cavity (the distance from the teeth to the back of the mouth) was greater than ours.
Following the logic of this reconstruction, had the tongue and vocal tract been configured as in modern humans, the larynx, because of the oral cavity's large size, would have been located in the chest!

Such a position is unknown in any animal species. Therefore, concludes Lieberman, Neanderthals could not have had the same positioning of the tongue and other structure of the vocal tract as seen in modern humans, and this differently arranged vocal tract could not have formed the vowels 'i', as in tea; ' ...

... Lower Pleistocene archaeological record. Current Anthropology, Chicago. v. 34, no. 3, 1993. pp. 201-225.
52. Stern N. (1994). Implications of time-averaging for reconstructing the land-use patterns of early tool-using hominids. Journal of Human Evolution, London v. 27, no. 1-3, 1994. pp. 89-105.
53. Tappen, M. (1995). Savanna ecology and natural bone deposition: implications for early hominid site formation, hunting, and scavenging. Current Anthropology, Chicago. v. 36, no. 2,1995. pp. 223-260.
54. Tappen, Martha and Greg Laden. 1994a Bones and Bushes: Soil carbon isotopes and animal bone distributions. (Co-authored by Martha Tappen). Paper presented at the American ...

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This is a free paragraph of the essay!
Get access to the full essay on "anthills of the savanna" at essayportal.com
More essays on "anthills of the savanna"

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