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... its Structural Adjustment Programs?
The IMF offers two prime reasons as its explanation for the initial launching of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) in Africa in 1982: economies had been brought to the point of collapse by “years of economic mismanagement” and had further suffered “adverse external shocks” (IMF, 1999). The IMF (1999) notes that “some observers” criticized the ESAF (through which structural adjustment loans are made) as “part of the problem” rather than “the solution.”
Saying they were listening and responding in a positive way, the IMF conducted “extensive reviews” of ESAF in 1997, including one by “external evaluators.” And the upshot of those reviews, ...

... brought missionaries – Roman Catholics and Protestants – who sought Ugandan souls to save in the 1880s. But instead of bring peace and spiritual harmony to Uganda, the church groups brought a faith-vs-faith conflict (myUganda, 2002) between Protestants (Church Missionary Society led by Alexander Mackay) and Catholics (French White Fathers, led by Pere Lourdel).
The two church leaders were rivals at the outset, but later were forced into friendship because of steadily increasing violence from the unpredictable and bloodthirsty native leader Mutesa. After Mutesa died in 1884, his 18-year-old son Mwanga took over the native Urgandan power structure, but he was even more ...

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Get access to the full essay on "pere goriot notes" at essayportal.com
More essays on "pere goriot notes"

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