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... for their testimony would be irrelevant. To others, psychiatrists are objective, scientific practitioners trying to bring their best professional judgment as competent mental health experts to bear on difficult cases. Their sharply divergent opinions, therefore, must be due to the uncertain state of psychiatric knowledge or the uncertain art of psychiatric diagnosis ( Faust & Ziskin, 1988). Neither of these explanations would please the APA, which has invested the better part of two decades trying to remedy such diagnostic problems, or at least trying to keep them from full public view. The major vehicle in this campaign to rebuild public respect for psychiatric diagnosis and practice was ...

... is still considered in many states. Non-enforced laws about non-marital sex or sodomy are still evident all over the country as few lawmakers feel enough social comfort to even quietly eradicate such laws in an open forum.
A pulp magazine, selling on newsstands throughout the country, asks: "Homosexuals...Should We: Doctor Them? Jail Theme? Leave Them Alone?" 4 This, then, is one of the conditions of homosexuality in its contemporary American setting: It has become a phenomenon much attended to, with many of its more articulate practitioners and their supporters aggressively seeking relief from what they believe to be untoward oppression and discrimination. ...

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Get access to the full essay on "marlow doctor faust" at essayportal.com
More essays on "marlow doctor faust"

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