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... ." Many believe that the Supreme Court's decision serves as a reminder that prayer in the school is unconstitutional, but in reading the facts of the case, and the majority opinion as presented by Justice Hugo Black, the question is not whether prayer in school is unconstitutional, the question is whether the State has the right to compose a prayer to be recited within the public school system. "We think that by using its public school system to encourage recitation of the Regents' prayer, the State of New York has adopted a practice wholly inconsistent with the Establishment Clause [of the First Amendment]" (Justice Hugo Black, para 5). He goes on to note that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of religious establishments by law in the "Virginia Bill for Religious Liberty," a bill that placed all religious groups on equal footing in the eye of the State (Justice Hugo Black, para 10).
When the constitution was written, the founding fathers recognized that having the State give a "stamp of approval" to any given religion caused "anguish, hardship and bitter strife (Justice Hugo Black, para 11). In the following paragraph, Justice Black makes his opinion a matter of record when he states that the case is not so ...

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This is a free paragraph of the essay!
Get access to the full essay on "hugo beda" at essayportal.com
More essays on "hugo beda"

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