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This paper discusses different types of money.

... " There is only one type of tangible type of money, and that is cash.

8 Cash is either currency or coin. Currency is the paper bill we use and carry in our wallets or pockets. While cash has little or no intrinsic value – no value of its own – it is the most widely and commonly used type of money in the world today (Island Options, 2001).

Significance : It is universally accepted as payment for goods and services, as long as you have the denominations of the “coin of the realm” in and of the place where you use it.

Example, you cannot use a shilling in a city or country where the peso or baht is used or honored, unless you have your coins and bills converted to the currency of the locality."

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This is a free paragraph of the essay!
Get access to the full essay on "hermeneutics paper" at essayportal.com
More essays on "hermeneutics paper"

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