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freire and constructed myths

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... The Glass Steagall Act of 1933 recognized the conflicts of interest that arise when investment banking and commercial banking are conflated. In 1995, the banks wanted to get rid of this act in order to grow and make even larger profits. Treasury responded by suggesting that barriers, known as “Chinese Walls” be constructed between the banks parts to prevent conflicts of interest. It is evident in hindsight that these walls did not work well enough to prevent serious conflicts of interest.
Stiglitz describes how the subjection of the three sectors of finance, telecommunication and electricity trading to deregulation and their involvement in today’s economic ...

... for America’s moral leadership on the global scale. There is a perception that the U.S. Administration is hypocritical and that American foreign policy is unfair.
In summary, Stiglitz explains how the perceived success of the U.S. in the nineties is based on myths that need to be clarified. These myths may have served some short-term purpose, but they were ultimately harmful. Economies change very slowly and it is often difficult to ascertain cause and effect relationships. These relationships can only be fully understood in retrospect. The American economic system has its positive attributes, but the U.S. must realize that it ...

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Get access to the full essay on "freire and constructed myths" at essayportal.com
More essays on "freire and constructed myths"

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