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... to prepare a plan for the Final Solution, which was basically the mass execution of all Jews.
In December of 1941, the Soviet Union launched a major counterattack against the Germans, which resulted in German domination of Europe reaching its furthest geographical extension.
In June 1942, Hitler moved from a policy of forced emigration to one of annihilation. At the Wansee Conference, which was held in the Berlin suburb of Wansee, Nazi leaders learned that instead of forcing Jews to leave the country, Nazi officials would deport them to death camps. A death camp would be designed to perform mass murder. Nazi planned to gather ...

... at the camps. In order to murders Jews in massive numbers, the Nazis tried to deceive their victims so that they would not resist. Jews deported from ghettos and concentration camps to the death camps were not told of their fate.
The Nazis simply told them that they were being resettled for labor, issuing them work permits, and encouraging them to bring along their tools. Food was used to coax starving Jews to get on the trains. Once the trains got to the death camps, the old, sick and weak were transported directly to the gas chambers.
They were told to get in the showers, ...

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