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19th century gangsters

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... Role of Women in Texas History
Prior to the Civil Rights Movement and the legalization of the 19th Amendment during the 1950s-1960s, the women sector have been an active proponent for the liberalization and equality of their rights with that of male citizens in the country. Texas is an example of an American state wherein its women minority had illustrated an active movement for women’s rights and liberalization from a highly patriarchal American (and Texan) society. Before the advent of the 20th century, Texan women are already mobilizing and ‘invading’ the legislative bodies of the government to implement and enforce policies that promotes ...

... action about major social issues in the state.
Through the years, women organizations in Texas have been formed to act against a faulty policy of the government, or to ensure that women are given proper treatment and rights in school, in work, and in the society in general. The advent of 20th century, termed as the Progressive Era, marked a renewed movement for the liberalization and activism of women in Texas politics. Women organizations also sought for reforms on labor code policies, such as the changing of the legal policy of “maximum fifty-hour work week and ten hour day for women” to a nine- ...

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This is a free paragraph of the essay!
Get access to the full essay on "19th century gangsters" at essayportal.com
More essays on "19th century gangsters"

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