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... valuable. Many of them may have the strong wish of such respect from parents.
“Sociological elements (self, partner, team, mentor, varied)” of learning style (Reiff, 1992, as cited in Kang, 1999), may probably relate to parent active involvement in supporting the high expectation. When parents understand and practice the best approach to direct their children’s motivation to meet their hope, the children find the support they need. It triggers them to work even better to suit their parents’ wish, as long as each party attempts to maintain the quality of relationship.
Griggs and Dunn (1996) underlined that many different approaches in teaching and counseling ...

... from National Parent Information Network Virtual Library. Web site: https://npin.org/library/2001/n00607/n00607.html

Becher, R. Parents and Schools. Eric Digest ED269137 86. ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Urbana, Ill. Retrieved Apr. 23, 2003 from Valdosta State University Web Server for Support of Faculty Development and Instruction. https://chiron.valdosta.edu/whuitt/files/parschl.html

Chen, H. and Lan, W. (1998) Adolescents' Perceptions Of Their Parents' Academic Expectations: Comparison Of American, Chinese-American, And Chinese High School Students. Adolescence Magazine Summer 1998. Retrieved Apr. 18, 2003 from Find Articles. Web site: https://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m2248/mag.jhtml


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Get access to the full essay on "direct instruction articles" at essayportal.com
More essays on "direct instruction articles"

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