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defenders of the republic

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... The Weimar Republic, which was established in early 1918 after workers and troops in the German Empire revolted against the government's refusal to end WW1, was troubled from the very beginning. Stability was not its strong point and the Republic was never able to gain substantial support from the general masses.
Peukert notes that the Weimar Republic was inherently weak and that combined with economic strife led to the eventual demise of the republic. When the democratic revolution happened, Emperor William II fled the country and a provisional coalition government was formed. The new assembly wrote a constitution that established as a federal republic but this idea of democracy was foreign to most Germans. The republic was unsure of how to successfully institute democracy and their constitution was flawed from its inception. In actuality, the revolution was only a minor success and when disorder struck because of the economic depression of 1929, the Nazis strength and support grew.
The government of the Republic had so many weaknesses and problems that it was domed to failure. When the Great Depression did strike, Germany under this new democracy did not fare well and people who were used to a monarchy blamed the Weimar democracy for such chaotic and economically hard times. ...

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